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Welcome to the MLS Listing Hub, exclusively crafted for our valued clients at Portland MLS Direct. This comprehensive portal is your personal command center for managing and optimizing your property listing journey. From initiating your MLS listing to making essential updates and tracking the status of your property, everything is streamlined for your convenience. Dive into a seamless listing experience, where you can effortlessly modify listing details, adjust pricing, and fine-tune your selling strategy. Don't forget to explore our 'Additional Services' for an array of cost-effective options designed to enhance your selling process. At Portland MLS Direct, we understand the complexities of selling property, and our MLS Listing Hub is here to simplify it for you, every step of the way.

Initiate Your Property Listing

Initiate Your Property Listing

To kick-start your listing process, please use this form for your initial submission of listing details. The next step will involve choosing your listing type and providing detailed information about your property.

Real Estate Photography

Upload Your Listing Photos

This form is designed for you to upload as many as 35 photos for your property listing. Additionally, it can be used to submit photos for our Photo Enhancement Service, which you can find on the 'Additional Services' page.

Update Your MLS Listing

Update Your Listing

Utilize this form to modify any existing listing information or photos, including changes to the status of your listing (such as Active, Pending, or Sold). Please note that while status updates are exempt from change fees, other modifications to information or photos may incur a fee.

Upload Your Documents

Document Submission for Your Listing

This form is designated for the submission of any listing or transaction documents, including disclosures and sale agreements. As per our Terms of Service, it is mandatory to provide copies of all signed documents pertaining to the sale of your property. This is essential for compliance with OREA regulations and state law. Please be aware that neglecting to submit any required documents, including those related to closing, may lead to substantial fines.

Additional Real Estate Services

Enhance Your Listing with Our Add-On Services

Need a helping hand with your property listing? Explore our variety of additional services tailored to enhance your listing's appeal. We offer a range of options, including professional photography, engaging video tours, expert staging consultations, convenient SentriLock lockboxes, visible yard signs, and much more. Visit our 'Additional Services' page to begin. Each service is individually priced for your convenience, and most can be scheduled within just two business days following your purchase.

Contact Portland MLS Direct

Get in Touch with Us

Have questions or need assistance with our site or your listing? Our 'Contact Us' page is here to help. You'll find our email address, phone number, and an easy-to-use contact form. For the most efficient response, we suggest using the contact form, as it logs your inquiry and ensures priority handling in our support queue. If you're in need of disclosure documents, rest assured, they'll be promptly emailed to you after your listing information submission.


Expert Real Estate Advice at Your Convenience

Connect with seasoned real estate professionals through Portland MLS Direct’s Phone Consultation Service. Tailored for your unique needs, these sessions offer you direct access to expert advice, whether you're seeking market insights, investment guidance, or help with specific property challenges. Available in flexible time slots, our consultations ensure you get the strategic support you need, right when you need it, all from the comfort of your phone.


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