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AdvanceAdvantage: The Ultimate Savings Package

AdvanceAdvantage' is our premium offering, tailored for sellers who wish to maximize their savings on commission rates. With a higher upfront fee, this package significantly reduces the commission paid at closing, offering the ultimate financial advantage. Despite the higher initial cost, 'AdvanceAdvantage' includes the same comprehensive range of services, ensuring your property is marketed and sold with the highest level of expertise and efficiency. This package is ideal for sellers who are comfortable with a greater upfront investment to achieve the best possible savings in the long run.

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Transaction Management


Effortless Closing, Every Step of the Way

Navigate the complexities of your real estate transaction with ease, thanks to Portland MLS Direct's Transaction Management service. From the initial offer to the final closing, our team ensures a smooth, organized process, handling all the details with precision and expertise. Experience a stress-free closing, knowing every aspect of your sale is meticulously managed by professionals.


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